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Wedding Services

Halcyon stylists have extensive experience that will help you prepare for your memorable day.  We know how busy your wedding day is and every moment counts. You need someone you can rely on for flawless hair and makeup!

We guarantee efficiency without compromising the care. You’ll be gorgeous and ready in no time! Wedding day prices are billed per hour - to make sure we get you the most accurate quote, please fill out the Wedding Form and submit it to us to start your consultation process! 

Submitting Your Info

In order to start the process of booking your perfect day - please submit the form directly to the salon so that we can check date availability, and determine a number of operational and logistical arrangements! 

Please be sure to read the form thoroughly and reach out to us if you have any lingering questions! We will get back to you as quickly as possible once your form has been submitted to help you move your planning process along!

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